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Spiced Lentils with Chicken

An alternative to curry

Spiced Lentils with Chicken

I have decided to have a 'green lentil' week, and today I started this off with an alternative to a Saturday night curry.

Its a bit of a funny thing really, because the finished dish is crying out to be served up with  with rice and or a naan bread, but serve the rice, but keep the portions small and try stirring into the rice some fresh coriander or finely chopped spring onions, for the last ten minutes of the cooking process. 
For some reason it doesn't feel like a carb overload at all.

This dish also gets a big fat 'frugal' tick, as the use of the green lentils allows you to use less chicken.  For a family of four you should be able to get away with three small chicken breasts or four small chicken pieces, and 100g of lentils.

The rest of the ingredients are shorecupboard items.   Ill write the recipe up and ensure you get a full version of it in the next meal plan.

My efforts were rewarded with cleared plates, its a delicious dish and certainly which will be made again.........make sure you make room for it in yoiur meal plan too. 



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