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Quick Flat breads

Try this before you put your home made bread in the oven

Quick Flat breads

I have been, for months if not years, concerned about the bread you buy in the supermarket.  Its not so much whats in it, more whats not in it........"anything thats any good for you."

I am convinced that home made bread, not only tastes better, but because you have taken time to allow it to rise naturally its easier to digest.

Rye flour is something I sourced recently from Holland and Barrett - its not the cheapest but that said you dont make a whole loaf with it you, 'cut it with other flour(s)'.

After you have knocked back the dough for the first time - take off the dough a small 'billard ball' sized 'lump',  per person, roll out thinly in a oval rather than an round.

Put the flat bread on a preheated oven tray and place it a preheated oven (200C)

The 'bread' will cook in about 7-10 minutes - flip it over half way through, and when its done fold it in half whilst it is still warm.

Light, delicious and at least you know whats in it!

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