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Chicken and Bacon Bake

Roast Dinner when you don't want Roast Dinner

Chicken and Bacon Bake

Horrible weather today.  So we went shopping.  So when we came home at around 3pm this afternoon I was confronted with a large chicken in the fridge which needed cooking.

However none of us really wanted a roast dinner.  But according to my husband.....he did fancy the Roast Potatoes!

I had a pile of Ironing to do - so I put the chicken in a roasting tin, covered it with foil and popped the chicken in the oven for a couple of hours.

So then I had a Roast Chicken which no one fancied......what to do?

Taking one very large Baking Potato (the sort of potato you sometimes get in a bag of potatoes which is too large for one person to eat as a baked potato).  Leave the skin on and cut it in to 2.5cm diced pieces.

Cook the potato in boiling water for five minutes - no more, you want it to hold it shape.


Slice One Red onion (I used half red and half brown), and one red pepper.  Add a little oil (really you wont want much) and start to sweat off the onions with the pepper.

chicken and bacon bake

Add in about 2 inches of chorizo (cut in to quarted thick slices) and two rashers of streaky bacon, and cook down.

Add the onions and bacon mixture to a baking dish.

Meanwhile drain the potatoes and in the frying pan add a little butter.  Add the potatoes to the butter and brown slightly.

Take the chicken stock, in the bottom of the baking pan, add it to a measuring vessel and skim off the fat.
Take 1/4 pint of the stock, (you may want to add a chicken stock cube as well)  and top up with milk to 1/2 pint and pour this mixture over the vegetables.

Meanwhile cut the chicken breasts off the cooked chicken, cube and add to the onions mixture.

Tip the browned potatoes on to the chicken mixture, top with flaked almonds and shaved parmesan cheese

Pop the whole dish in the, still hot, oven and bake for 30 minutes at 180C


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