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Cheap delicious, family pasta tea

Cheap delicious, family pasta tea

This is a cracking storecupboard meal.

Easy and quick to prepare, with a bit of a kick, I assure you it will shortly become a family favourite

 Cook 75-100g of pasta per person as per the packet instructions.


Peel and chop one onion

Peel and chop two garlic cloves

Gently sweat off in a tablespoon of oil for  around three minutes

Add in a teaspoon of crushed chillies and a tablespoon of dried mixed herbs and a big twist of black pepper

Add a carton of passata and heat, when it starts to bubble add whole tub of soft cheese (I used one wiht added garlic and herbs).

Continue to heat whilst stirring the melting cheese into the passata.

Add whole bag of spinach and wilt down in to the tomato mixture. 

Drain the pasta

Toss in the sauce

Serve piping hot

So thats supper for four for less than £1.50...........delicicous.

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