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About Faye's Frugal Foods

fayeThere are many, many constraints on the family budget.  The cost of food is one of the largest of these.

Over the past decade we have been bombarded with 'instructions' via the media on how we should buy our food and what we should be feeding our families.  Of course we would all prefer to buy the prestige brands, and offer our families, free-range, organic, low carbon footprint, food......if money was no object.

But money is a restriction and with the rrelentless increases in fuel, combined with the effects of natural disasters, wars, and global climate changes, all pushing up the cost of our weekly shop, we all need to focus on the cost of our food and ensure that every penny we spend is one wisely utilised.  We need to minimise the effects of the rising costs of food on our day to day life, in order to maintain as much as possible, our other needs in our standard of living.

  • Frugal foods, believes in high animal welfare standards.
  • Frugal foods, believes in buying British goods and services, not only to safe guards British jobs but also to reduce food 'air miles'
  • Frugal foods, believes in Fair Trade for a fair salary for all food producers.
  • Frugal foods, believe in 'Meat free Mondays' although it doesn't matter to us what day of the week we use.  Its good for the planet and good for your health and pocket!
  • Frugal foods, believe in using all the food we buy and using it well, doubling up and freezing meals for another day.
  • Frugal foods, believe in recycling and composting.
  • Frugal foods, believes in growing your own, even if it just the simplest additions to our menus.  Seeds are cheap and yeld great results.
  • Frugal foods, believe in free foods from the hedgerow, but we are really careful to only pick the stuff we can confidently identify.

However for those of us hard pressed, these are ideals to take on board, and not rules to live by.


I am totally disappointed at the type of recipes available on the internet as 'frugal' recipes, what is available seems to range from boring to just plain 'disgusting' sounding, just not inspiring and certainly not appetising.  If you cant make frugal food delicious, you may as well live on packets of 9p instant noodles.

Its pretty obvious that a Jacket potato or pasta in tomato sauce would be a low cost meal, but what Frugal Foods plans to do is to provide you with a resource of delicious varied recipes which are low cost in nature.

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