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Welcome to Faye's Frugal Food

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Hi I'm Faye, and welcome to Frugal Foods! Come in, make yourself comfortable, perhaps grab a mug of tea.


By the time you are finished investigating the Frugal Food website, we are confident Frugal Foods will become part of your daily life, helping you to create interesting varied family food, whilst maintaining a very tight control on your budget.

 Frugal Living

If you are feeling the squeeze let me help you with Frugal Recipe ideas, Menus, frugal meal plansand Shopping Lists ensuring you use up the left overs and maximising every penny you spend.  The meal plan is free to download - we don't pass on your details to everyone else - we just use it to send you the next one ....and the next one.

Too good to be true - no, but it probably does confirm that I need to get out more!


Spring Onions

springAlso known as Scallions, green onions,salad onions, green shallots, onion sticks, long onions, baby onions, precious onions, yard onions, gibbons, or syboes – are the edible plants of various Allium species, all of which are "onion-like", having hollow green leaves and lacking a fully developed root bulb; part of the same family as Garlic, Leeks and Chives.  They are simply a type of onion, but harvested at a young age. Very easy to grow they are cultivated from seed and need very little attention between sowing (thinly!!) and eating.

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RhubarbTypically English in so many ways and the 'hero' of the Rhubarb Triangle (between Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford), where you can hear the Rhubarb growing, it is forced in darkness and harvested by candlelight.

A Perennial plant, which if you are lucky you will inheret in an established garden or you can plant your own.  I am very excited to have actually got around to buying one this year - it didnt quite make its way into the garden at the end of the summer so its been in its pot in the greenhouse for the past few months - and very happy it seems in there too!

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Check out the Ramsons!

Frugal Foods Wild Garlic

This time of year check out the wild garlic, and you'll know that the Spring is on the way.  Also known as Bear's Garlic, You will probably smell it before you know its there.  In old woodland and on the sides of old lanes you will find wild garlic blanketing the ground.  Pick the leaves and take a nibble - whilst it is possible to confuse with Lily of the Valley, (as the leaf shape is vaguely the same), use your nose, you will know you have found the right thing, the smell and taste are undeniable.

The leaves you pick, will last a week in the fridge in a little sealed bag.

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In praise of the humble Potato

potatoesI wonder where on the culinary map good old blightly would be without the return of the Spanish adventurers from the Andes Mountains of South America to the present to the nation the humble Potato?  Thats not exactly how it happened and we can gloss over the Hundreds of years it was thought to be unfit for human consumption and was only fed to pigs and cattle, and lets also gloss over the fact that when it did finally make its way on to our plates, hailed as the solution to mass starvation, it then took centre stage for one of the most terrible famines in European History, when over a million people died after the crop failed due to potato blight.

It isn't pretty, brightly coloured like carrot or Pepper, it won't grab your attention like lovely deep green broccali or a huge round pumpkin. New Potatoes are small and round, Old potatoes can be huge and odd looking.  the Knobbly varieties are a pain to peel.  Some are red skinned rather than white and often when purchased they are just a 'lump' covered in mud.

For a crop which isnt indigenous, it grows surprisingly well and fast in cold welt climates.  It's cheap to produce cheap to buy.  It's barely seasonal - you can buy potatoes pretty much all year round.  A combination of a long season and the fact that they store well, makes the potato a friend for 'all seasons'

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